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Sydney Self Defence classes in private or in groups in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney + Centennial Park
Parts of the body used in Sydney Self Defence course programmes:-
Knees – short range weapon
Open hand palm – medium range weapon
Kicking – long range weapon
Fingers - Close range weapon
Scratching, biting, clawing - short range weapon

Methods used to facilitate best body function performance
Deep breathing
Shaking hands
Mind of fire
Peripheral vision
Positive mental attitude
Eyes/Ears/Throat/Groin - what does it mean?
Striking to vital areas to disable attacker.
These areas are the most vulnerable for all people, regardless of the size or sex of the attacker. Just an attitude of enquiry, relaxation and a fun attitufde to the training is encouraged.

Self Defence Sydney - Class Content
Self-protection means to defend one’s own self and is therefore a ‘vital’ skill.
The ability to protect your own self depends on a positive state of mind as well as the willingness to engage in these ‘vital’ protection self defense techniques.
These casual or ongoing private Sydney Self Defence classes, programmes or courses and group self defense training courses offer everyone the opportunity of being in command of both self and environment, with the express aim of minimising the possibility of unwarranted acts of aggression. It is a fact that confident people are far less likely to be attacked than those who lack confidence.

A positive self image as in “I must believe in myself” may therefore determine the outcome of a situation where an assault is imminent.

Sydney Self Defence - private or group training courses
Train privately in your home or at a park nearby - Centennial Park in the eastern suburbs of Sydney is a popular location. An alternative suitable location and time can be arranged for you to learn the techniques needed to ward off unwanted and unprovoked aggression.

These short self-defence courses will equip everyone with the skills and mindset to develop a confident approach in daily public life. Teenage girls in particular and women of all ages are able to quickly grasp the skills and the confidence to walk tall on the street, after only a few classes.

Formal study of the martial arts is a lengthy process most people are too busy to undertake – these short self defence courses in Sydney are designed to impart skills without complex theory.
Design your own Self Defence Training Programme
Classes of around an hour’s duration can be arranged in blocks of between two and eight sessions, once or twice a week to suit.

Courses comprise techniques for awareness and breathing, in punching, kicking and blocking, and stances and strikes all of which can be learnt easily and practised in short ‘morning memory’ exercises which take literally a minute or two.


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